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Architecture, Engineering

& Robotics


Online science and engineering course award
Fully Online Courses

*self-paced and interactive. 

Grades 3-12

Are you tired of the same old curriculum?  Give your students something new and exciting this year they will never forget!

Online homeschool course reviews: engineering, robotics
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Children learn in different ways. Our exciting courses are for voracious learners and gifted students who want to learn how to design and build the world of tomorrow!

Our homeshool science courses are completely online, hands-on and interactive

Online Courses for Science or Electives!

Courses can be purchased individually or as a money saving bundle

(Choose an option below)

Option A
Full Year Applied Science or Elective Course Bundle
(Grades 6-12)

Mini-course #1

Online science course: Thinking Like an Engineer

Thinking Like an ENGINEER

This mini-course Includes interactive lessons, engaging hands-on activities, design challenges, and 3D design software that will give students a chance to challenge their innovative skills and practice thinking like an engineer.


Mini-course #2

Online science course: Thinking Like an Architect

Thinking Like an ARCHITECT

In this mini-course students solve problems related to buildings and structures.  They learn how to use an architect scale, read blue prints, and use 3D software to design their own dream house.  Lot's of engaging activities!


Mini-course #3

Online science course: Introduction to Robotics


In this mini-course students are introduced to the modern world of robotics.  Using interactive lessons and exciting hands-on activities, students will learn how to design, build and program a virtual robot.


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Click HERE  for sample lesson
Arci pdf.png
Click HERE  for sample lesson
Robo pdf.png
Click HERE for sample lesson



Bundle Price

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Option B
Mini Courses (Grades 6-12)
Choose any single mini-courses below for an exciting 40 hour (1/4 credit) enrichment experience! 
(Can be used for science or elective)
Includes Bonus! ($40 value)
Online science course: Thinking Like an Engineer

Thinking Like an Engineer

Click HERE  for sample lesson

Online science course: Thinking Like an Architect

Thinking Like an Architect

Click HERE  for sample lesson

Online science course: Introduction to Robotics

Robotics & Automation

Click HERE for sample lesson

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BONUS: All mini-courses include Solving Thinking Like an Innovator!

($40 value)

Learn the story of the man who solved the greatest problem of his day!

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Exploring Technology & Innovation (Grades 3-5)

This exciting self-paced, online enrichment includes hands-on, engaging activities, and uses a variety of online technology to solve real-world problems.  If your son or daughter wants to gain an edge on becoming a leader in tomorrow’s technological future, give them this online experience they will not soon forget.

How To Use Our Courses

  • The science course bundle can be used as a full year science class or elective for grades 6-12.  The course bundle equals 1 high school credit. 

  • Mini-courses can be used as a supplement to existing science courses or as  enrichment electives.  One mini-course equals 1/4 high school credit.

What's Included 
Online homeschool courses include design software
Online homeschool courses include interactive lessons
Online homeschool courses include activity guides
Online homeschool courses include support
Online homeschool courses are safe for students

Hands-on, minds-on

Self-paced, online


24-month access (doesn't start until you start the course)

Included software is yours to keep indefinitely 

30-day, no-risk guarantee!

Relax - Let us do the teaching for you!

Why is it so important all students take courses like these?

Why are STEM science courses necessary?
  • Innovation does NOT come naturally to MOST people.  It must be learned.

  • Innovation is like a muscle.  It must be question about it (even if innovation comes natural to you).

  • ​The brain has a remarkable ability to create new circuits, a phenomenon known as plasticity.  This is accomplished by exercising the brain.​

  • Just giving a student math problems is not needs to be authentic! 

  • ​Rigorous problem-solving activities exercise and build brain "muscle".  BUT, it's important these activities are authentic, meaningful and stimulate greater areas of the brain. is the perfect online resource for students grades 6-12 who want to learn how to DESIGN, BUILD and CREATE the world of tomorrow.

Everyone has the ability to innovate, BUT there are many students have the super-powers of innovation and S.T.E.M.

Athletes need a sport to express their gift.  

Give your students this experience...It’s their sport! 

Engineering course are some students sport
Science and engineering student build projects


The best part of my day was getting to build things and learn about innovation!

Science and engineering student build projects


​I loved all the activities!  This class was by far the most fun I had of all my classes.

Science and engineering student build projects


This online class helped me to better understand how math and science are used to create some cool stuff!

What Students Say 
Homeschool parent of Science and engineering student


A perfect fit for my 15 year old...He doesn't enjoy school. 
It has honestly been the best schooling for my son so far.

Homeschool parent of Science and engineering student


In all my years of homeschooling there has not been a program we have encountered that has engaged my kids more in science.

Homeschool parent of Science and engineering student


 My son is hooked! I can't even tell you how many times now he's thanked me for signing him up for Innovators Tribe

What Parents Say 

"This really is an amazing program"

"...a wonderful way to introduce our students to various scientific and mathematic concepts"

"...a great addition to any homeschool program, excellent STEM education for students. I definitely recommend this program!" -

"Buckle up people, this is exciting!"

"The instructor is lively, encouraging, and he really knows his stuff!"

"absolutely love it." -

"WARNING!  WARNING! Your student may become obsessed with  Thinking Like an Engineer. 

"It really is the class we needed that I didn’t know we needed."


"Our 8th grader doesn't get excited about much...Then came Thinking Like an Engineer...Hallelujah! Something that sparked his interest!"

" -

"...engaging and holds students’ attention and leaves them wanting to do more


Click HERE to see more reviews.

What Others Say 
Online science and engineering course award
Online science and engineering course award

"This is one of the most interesting things I have seen in quite a while"
"The challenge projects are fabulous!"

"A really great introduction to engineering"

"My son is not the easiest person to please curriculum-wise, but there is absolutely nothing about this course that he doesn’t like."

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have more than one child. Do I need to purchase the course for each child?

A: It is recommended that each student has his or her own student account (purchased separately).  Each account is unique for grading and progress tracking.  However, there is nothing to prevent all of your children (in your household) from sharing a single account during the 24 month period.  You would be responsible for grading. 

Q: How long do students have access to each course?

A: Each student has a 24-month access to the course (24 months begins when your student starts the matter when!) The software access is granted by our software partners for the duration of the course access period.  However, these software companies allow access to "students" as long as they qualify as a k-12 student, so they can keep creating long after the course is complete.  Software access is not guaranteed by Innovators Tribe after the 24 month period and is subject to change by these software companies.

Q: The courses are grades 6-12.  How can these courses cover grades 6-12?

A:  These courses are intentionally designed to allow students to complete the course work and activities according to their age, ability and interest.  Differentiated instruction occurs naturally because students interact with the content and activities at their own pace and skill level.


Q: What if I’m not satisfied? ​

A: You’re covered by a 30-day, no-risk guarantee.  The 30 days does not begin until your student begins the course.  Buy now, and start anytime! Click HERE for more information. 


Q: What supplies are required?

A: Click HERE to see the school store for the harder to find items.  Click the syllabus below for each course for the full list of supplies.

   Syllabus - Thinking Like an Engineer

   Syllabus - Thinking Like an Architect

   Syllabus - Robotics & Automation


Q: Do Innovators Tribes courses count as a full science class (or high school credit) for homeschoolers?

A: Each course is 40 hours long, so about one quarter of a school year. Use one or more courses as part of or supplement to a larger science program. Or, purchase all three courses in the money saving bundle for a full year, 1 credit science course for grades 6-12.


Q: Do Innovators Tribes courses work for special needs learners? 

A: Yes!  We have many parents who love how our courses engage their special needs learner.  Contact us HERE to discuss if our curriculum is right for your student.    

Q: What kind of technology do I need?

A: The software for the courses Thinking Like an Architect and Robotics & Automation are fully online and require only Google Chrome web browser. The Thinking Like an Engineer course software will run on both Mac and Windows.  Click HERE for more information.


Q: What if my student has a problem and needs help or has questions I can’t answer?

A: Support from an experienced, certified teacher is included in your purchase.  Students can access our help desk at any time.  Replies come within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).  Our support is highly rated.


Click HERE to see more FAQs.  Or click HERE to contact us with any questions you still have.

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