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Frequently asked questions

Q: I have more than one child. Do I need to purchase the course for each child?

A: It is recommended that each student has his or her own student account (purchased separately).  Each account is unique for grading and progress tracking.  However, there is nothing to prevent all of your children (in your household) from sharing a single account during the 24 month period.  You would be responsible for grading.   


Q: How long do students have access to each course?

A: Each student has a 24-month access to the course. The software access is granted by our software partners for the duration of the course access period.  However, these software companies allow access to "students" as long as they qualify as a k-12 student, so they can keep creating long after the course is complete.  Software access is not guaranteed by Innovators Tribe after the 24 month period and is subject to change by these software companies.


Q: What if I’m not satisfied? ​

A: You’re covered by a 30-day, no-risk guarantee. Click HERE for more information. 


Q: What supplies are required?

A: Click HERE to see the school store for the harder to find items.  Click the syllabus below for each course for the full list of supplies.

   Syllabus - Thinking Like an Engineer

   Syllabus - Thinking Like an Architect

   Syllabus - Robotics & Automation


Q: Do Innovators Tribes courses count as a full science class (or high school credit) for homeschoolers?

A: Each course is 40 hours long, so about one quarter of a school year. Use one or more courses as part of or supplement to a larger science program. Or, purchase all three courses in the money saving bundle for a full year, 1 credit science course for grades 6-12.


Q: Do Innovators Tribes courses work for special needs learners? 

A: Yes!  We have many parents who love how our courses engage their special needs learner.  Contact us HERE to discuss if our curriculum is right for your student.  

Q: What kind of technology do I need?

A: The software for the courses Thinking Like an Architect and Robotics & Automation are fully online and require only Google Chrome web browser. The Thinking Like an Engineer course software will run on both Mac and Windows.  Click HERE for more information.


Q: What if my student has a problem and needs help or has questions I can’t answer?

A: Support from an experienced, certified teacher is included in your purchase.  Students can access our help desk at any time.  Replies come within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).  Our support is highly rated!

Q: My student is not interested in being and engineer or architect. Why would this be good for them?

A:  Engineers and architects are professional innovators who are closely associated with applied science, technology and design. They are professional problem-solvers. The goal of these courses is NOT to make students into engineers and architect, but to help them think, create and innovate better; to engage our world more fully and to become more technologically literate.  If they someday decide to become an engineer or architect, bonus!

Q:  How are the courses graded?

A:  The assessment piece can be a little tricky for this category of learning.  Assessing math, ELA, etc is a little more quantifiable.  However, elective courses must be treated differently.  Example: If student A takes an elective course, tries it, and decides it is not for them, it is unfair to compare them with student B who tried it and greatly resonated with the content.  So, the assessment piece is more for the student (and parent) to better discover interests.  Of course, there needs to be accountability.  Each course includes a course journal and quizzes to help the student stay on track, and to give parents the needed information and documentation of completion.    
We want to deliver content to students that they are free to try without feeling penalized (if they did not resonate as much as others).  This is tricky and an ongoing work.  The best practice for our courses is for the teacher/parent to be observant with the student to see if he/she finds interest.  The quizzes and course journal are there to help move the student through the content and to give the teacher/parent some eyes on the progress.  Upon completion of each course, students receive a certificate of completion from us, but Innovators Tribe does not assign grades or track grades.  The parent would need to assign that value.   We recommend a pass/fail grading. 

Q:  Can courses be used in schools?

A:  Absolutely!  Click HERE for more information.

Q:  Why is the target age range so broad? Is the content too easy for older students, or too difficult for younger students?

A:  These courses are designed to engage learners between grades 6-12. Students within this grade range have the freedom to take the experiences as far as they want. The knowledge contained in each course is “unpacked” in such a way that all these ages feel highly engaged without feeling overwhelmed. Throughout each lesson and each activity, students have control over their own learning.

Q:  Is the curriculum religious based?

A:  No

Q:  Is the curriculum fun and engaging?

A:  Big Time! Our curriculum gives plenty of rigor and relevance. And, it’s a ton of fun!

Our curriculum has been tested and refined on over 5,500 students both in class and online. It works!

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