Robots are everywhere!  In this course students will learn about this exciting world of science and innovation.

Robotics & Automation

Online mini-course grades 6-12

3D Programming

Software Included!

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This exciting online enrichment course introduces students to the modern world of robotics.  Using self-paced interactive lessons and exciting hands-on activities, students will learn how to design, build and program a robot.

Course topics:

  • History of Robotics

  • Types of Robots

  • Machines and Mechanisms

  • How Robots Move - Actuators

  • How Robots Sense the World - Sensors

  • How Robots Think - Programming Languages

  • Electronics & Microcontrollers

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Programming a Robot

  • Robotics and a Little Math

  • Animatronics

  • Automation

  • Bionics

Some of the many activities

3D Programming Software Included!

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Course length: Approximately 40 hours (including activities).


*Courses can be used as components of science courses (about one school year quarter per course) or they might be used as elective courses (one-fourth credit per course).

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What Students Say 

Bobby B.

Really cool!

I really wanted to know how robots worked.  In this class I was able to build a virtual robot and learn how to program it.  It was really, really cool!



Jayson M.

So interesting!

I was not even remotely interested in robots or automation.  But, this course was so interesting!  It got me excited about school.

Course Curriculum

Bundle all 3 mini-courses for 
(1 full credit science course)



Innovative thinking is not only fun, it's a critical skill that needs to be developed and exercised. Give your students this super-charged experience!

Students will learn:
• Brain games 
• 6 step design process
• 5 why's technique
• How to have more ideas
• Crazy powerful brainstorming technique
• 4 poisons that kill innovation
• What are problems and solutions...really?
• The story of a man who solved the greatest problem of his day!

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