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Online mini-course grades 6-12


Courses can be purchased individually or as a money saving bundle.  Click HERE!

Click HERE for syllabus and material list.

Course Units

Unit - Engineering Bridges

This unit takes students on an exciting mystery adventure.  Something happened in 1940 that stunned the world and has left scientists and engineers puzzled ever since.  3D software included!

Unit - Engineering Rollercoasters

In this unit students learn what it takes to be a rollercoaster engineer by designing and building their own rollercoaster.  Great hands-on activities!

Unit - 3D Design and Modeling

Using powerful 3D design software, students learn how to use the amazing and powerful tools of modern innovators and designers. 

Unit - Nano Engineering 

The world of the nano is an amazing place full of strange creatures and materials that are stronger than steel.  The problem, most people don't even know about this fantastic new world. 

Course Description

In this hands-on online course, students learn about the exciting careers of professional problem-solvers called Engineers! These people do amazing things in almost every area you can imagine. It doesn’t matter what you enjoy doing or what products you like, there's an engineer either directly or indirectly involved. 

Engineers are the professionals who are most closely associated with applied science, technology, and design. They are professional problem-solvers and innovators. Learn how to think like an Engineer by hanging out with these guys (and girls).


  • Self-paced Interactive lessons - Teachers/parents take a break.  Your student is fully guided and supported through each lesson.

  • Exciting hands-on activities - This course is packed full of fun and engaging activities to stimulate deeper learning.

  • Design challenges - Design and creativity are at the heart of this course.  Your student will be challenged to complete a series of hands-on design activities to help grow innovative "muscle."

  • Downloadable exercise journals - As students progress through each lesson, they will complete a journal documenting their learning.

  • Design software - Using powerful design software, students will complete activities using the tools of modern design.

Give students a chance to challenge their innovative skills as they practice thinking like an engineer.

*Courses are not live.  They are fully online, self-paced and interactive. 

Includes Powerful Design Software! 
*Click HERE for technology requirements
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What's Included 
Course length: Approximately 40 hours (including activities).


*Courses can be used as components of science courses (about one school year quarter per course) or they might be used as elective courses (one-fourth credit per course).

Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


Courses can be purchased individually or as a money saving bundle.  Click HERE!

Online science course: Thinking Like an Engineer
What Students Say 

Zach S

I really needed this course!

It helped me stay excited about school.  It made the school year so much fun!

Jordan M

Thanks for a great experience!

I loved the projects! They were super fun and I learned a ton!

Michael J

I loved it!!

I learned a lot about bridges, engineering and physics...It really helped me better understand math.

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Innovative thinking is not only fun, it's a critical skill that needs to be developed and exercised. Give your students this super-charged experience!

Students will learn:
• Brain games 
• 6 step design process
• 5 why's technique
• How to have more ideas
• Crazy powerful brainstorming technique
• 4 poisons that kill innovation
• What are problems and solutions...really?
• The story of a man who solved the greatest problem of his day!


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