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Reviews of the coolest products I’ve seen in awhile.

Innovators Tribe  Thinking Like an Engineer has been a perfect fit for my 15 year olds engineer brain.
He doesn't enjoy school... Thinking Like an Engineer has been amazing for him. He desires to do it, and does it well! has honestly been the best schooling for my son so far.

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Maybe you are like me and didn’t even know you should be looking for a class like this

I feel like I need to warn you that your student may become obsessed with  Thinking Like an Engineer. Brock has loved this class so much that I actually have to tell him that he’s done for the day. really is the class we needed that I didn’t know we needed.

Your learner will gain critical thinking skills – problem-solving and the ability to think-outside-the-box. These are skills and experiences that are valuable even if she decides not to pursue anything in the engineering field.
I am so thrilled that my children are gaining these skills and experiencing engineering in a way that I was not able to until college.

It did not disappoint in the least. If anything, it was even more impressive than the description. The online instruction was engaging and far from a boring video. I was happy that it included the software download we needed, and also provided plenty of links to further learning in the lessons. By far, our favorite component, though, was the hands-on challenge activities.

this is THE ONE and ONLY product that our 8th grader was actually excited about.
our 8th grader doesn't get excited about much...Then came Thinking Like an Engineer.  What?! Is this my "never excited about anything" child? Hallelujah! Something that sparked his interest!
It's a great course and he's loving it more and more.



This course is full of the vitality and enthusiasm of the instructor, Mr. Kroeplin.


If you have a student in grades 6-12 who has an interest in engineering, then this is the hands-on program to get.
Thinking Like an Engineer is a very organized class that is engaging and holds students’ attention and leaves them wanting to do more…Tristan even worked on it by choice on Saturday mornings.  And this is a boy who does NOT want to do school work when his dad at home on the weekend!  
Mr. K., your class is so interesting and fun that it’s marauding itself as an entertaining hobby!
I’m very impressed at how much is included in the course and the way it’s able to be applied to a variety of areas. 
Such endless uses for one class!

I was hoping this program would open new windows of ideas and possibilities for my daughter - and it did! 

my favorite benefit of the course was one I hadn't expected: my daughter's noticeably increased self confidence each time she tackled and conquered the design challenge!


This program gets a huge thumbs up from our family.

Although neither of my students are interested in becoming engineers, I think this program is a wonderful supplement


This is an amazing program!

As a parent, you can relax, because the teaching is all done for you. 
The lessons are engaging and fun. They are simple to follow, with prompts available to help the younger side of the targeted spectrum. 
I was impressed with the support and help offered by this course


This is a fantastic online course

This course is a phenomenal way to introduce students to the exciting and varied world of engineering.

Design SoftwareThis is a HUGE! Students will get the chance to use modern design technology.
Michael doesn't always get a chance to use new technology so this was a big hit for him.

Michael was extremely excited (dare I say enthusiastic) about this course. He never gets excited about anything...I'm just thrilled to see him excited about something.

would we recommend this course to our friends you bet we would!

As soon as I watched the introduction video of Thinking Like an Engineer, I knew my oldest son would love it. He wasn't quite as enthusiastic as I was . . . until he started the course. Then he was hooked! I can't even tell you how many times now he's thanked me for signing him up for Innovators Tribe

Mr K teaches in a way that makes the information easy to understand. His passion and enthusiasm for the subject spills over into his teaching which causes the viewer to catch some of that excitement, too.

When I said that my son loved the program, I wasn't exaggerating.

I'd get up in the mornings to find him already working through the material.

He has learned so much in such a short amount of time and has far surpassed what is included in the course...I cannot say enough about this program.

we've used other engineering type of programs that just couldn't motivate his inner engineer. Innovators Tribe truly is remarkable.

Thank you, Innovators Tribe for sparking this passion in my son and encouraging him to apply himself and his engineering mind. Here's to the next generation of innovators.

THIS is a terrific resource to teach upper level thinking, problem solving, construction, design, and to help them tackle challenges in a creative and innovative way.

Even if your child has no interest in becoming an engineer one day, the complex thinking and ability to put their ideas into practical use is powerful.

I appreciated that no special or hard-to-find supplies were needed.  Within the whole course, you simply need regular paper, card stock, scissors, clear tape, masking tape, and a small construction level.  That’s it!  I can totally deal with a supply list like that.

It’s cool to see my children thinking about their world in a new way and actually getting their hands “dirty” creating and designing things


I knew he would like the program, but I grossly underestimated the degree at which he likes it. He didn't want to stop!

This course is great. My son is learning a lot, and I feel it is well suited for the intended grades. I high recommend it!


The more we completed of this course, the more amazed I was because I never thought “engineer” encompassed so much! It is more than we ever imagined

Mr. K., guides students through every step of the course, encouraging them (he is so excited and enthusiastic) to become an innovative thinker! 

There are just so many things that are so good about this course.

In my humble opinion this is one of those programs that everyone needs.

This is real learning.  It is active, it is alive, it has meaning.



The support staff is quick, courteous, and very helpful. Chances are your student will end up chatting with Mr. K. himself! Three cheers!

The presenter made the class fun without being too goofy. My kids hate it when someone tries to be funny and isn’t–we’re not slapstick people here, except for a couple of us who shall remain unnamed but who laugh too hard at The Three Stooges. Suffice it to say, Mr. K. is not a stooge.

the problem solving and brain stretching throughout the curriculum are excellent

The hands on aspect of this program is priceless. She is having so much fun.

Mr. K is a fabulous teacher. He walks you through this course step by step using detailed instructions, video, and visual aids.

This really is an amazing program. I highly recommend this course for any student interested in technology and applied science. You won't be disappointed.

Boy has she been having fun with this program!!
Lydia has fallen in love with her Thinking Like An Engineer program.  In fact, I have a hard time keeping her from working ahead on her assignments and skipping out on her other responsibilities.

A really amazing program and highly recommend it for anyone interested in technology and applied science

Customer Support- Let me just tell you iMr. K is a gem!  I had a snafu with receiving the architect software, my issue, not theirs, and Wayne patiently worked with me until I got it and was able to download it.  A company that responds right away and in a polite fashion wins me over every time.

Do we like Thinking Like an Architect?  Yes, we do!  And would highly recommend it to you and your 6th-12th graders!


One thing I really like about Thinking Like an Engineer is that the activities do not require a lot of special materials, which can be difficult to locate for a busy homeschool mom.



The challenges and activities have been outstanding 

These type of open door teaching experiences is what homeschooling is all about, right?  Kaden literally took notes....this boy was Inspired... his flame was lite! :)

this course checks all our boxes.


Best. Decision. Ever.
I cannot KEEP him off of his engineering course right now—especially with the new software program. He asks “Is it time for engineering? Can I spend time on my software please?” And of course, I can’t say no as long as the computer is free. He is picking up things quickly and exploring things on his own. Just as I knew his engineering mind does.

this course is high quality and right up my son’s alley. 

100% recommend this course.


It’s just what this family needs to help prepare for the future.

He’ll have a more balanced education by adding this type of course into his schooling.

he’s hooked!

This program far exceeds our expectations.


These online courses are not just about sitting down and reading material, they are hands-on, exciting, and will challenge your student to think in new ways.  

a great mix of online learning and hands-on learning.

The program turned out to be far more than we ever imagined. 

I love when science concepts become real with hands-on activities and not just pages of reading assignments. Innovators Tribemakes engineering fun

They are presented with self paced lessons, hands on activities, design challenges, and so much more.

 They get to dive into their creativity and really put their problem solving skills to good use.
This program went above and beyond what I thought it could be. Gav is having a blast using it, but the important thing is he's learning some really cool stuff! This is the type of program that can give your child a taste of something they might want to make a career out of. If you're wanting something fun and different to add to your homeschool, go check out Thinking Like an Engineer OR Thinking Like an Architect from Innovators Tribe. It's well worth it!



anything but boring

We have only had this course a few weeks so far and all I can say is wow!  

I am thrilled this course can be listed on my kids highschool transcript

Thinking Like An Engineer is a terrific course.  We are having a lot of fun with it.  I would encourage everyone to give it a try.


An amazing on-line course!

this course grabbed the attention of everyone in the household like nothing else we have ever tried!


We’ve found a winner!


In all my years of homeschooling there has not been a program we have encountered that has engaged my kids more in science.


A really cool online program, with narration, music, animation, and embedded video content.

They really keep the interest of the kids. In fact, I was hooked, too!

I was excited to try this because my 9-year-old son is just wired to “think like an engineer.”

This online course fit the bill perfectly!

The lessons are accessible at any time that fits your schedule.

I’m excited about this because no one in our house is actually an engineer, so to have a course that’s fun, online, and geared for my sons is a huge bonus for our homeschool!


This course turned out to be so much more than we had even originally thought.

 A child with a lot of passion and interest could put in the hours to make that full credit.

Is this applicable for true high school credit?  My answer would be yes.

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